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Traveling to Mexico-Best Time to Visit Puerto Penasco

puerto1beachIf you plan to head to Puerto Penasco in Mexico, also popularly known as Rocky Point, you should know a few things about the weather. To begin with, the climate of the place is similar to what you will find in other regions of the southwest, where the average temperature is somewhere between the 50 and 100-degree range, and is marked by high-weather seasons and seasonal storms.

Since Rocky Point is located in Sonora, you should find about the Sonoran region’s weather before you visit Puerto Penasco. Being a desert located beside an ocean, which acts as a source of humidity, the Sonoran region in general is dotted with localities of high elevation change, where temperature swings can cause the night temperatures to come down remarkably, thus making it unseasonably cold when the sun sets as compared to the scorching heat during the day.

Season wise, you can expect an average of 60-80°F during the spring season, which is from January to May. This is the best time to visit the place, especially if you are a college student since you can enjoy your spring break to the fullest during this period.

If you seek the sun, you may choose the summer season, which is from May to August. However, with temperatures rising from 80 to 105°F, summer days can be quite uncomfortable, as the heat and humid air combine to create a scorching climate.

Though temperatures climb down to an average of 60-75°F during the months of August to December (Fall/Winter), the period is more likely to get frequent rains. However, as compared to the monsoon rains, rains in the winter tend to be lighter, more widespread and less dangerous.

So, if you wish to visit Puerto Penasco and travel around the place comfortably, you can either choose the spring or the winter season. Though spring break is preferred by many and often talked about as the best time to visit this region in Mexico, getting accommodation of your choice may be a bit pricey and not easy to come by if you don’t book you place in advance. So, if you want to avoid the spring break rush, winter could be your second best option to visit Puerto Penasco.

Keep these above pointers in mind while chalking out your plans to visit Puerto Penasco so that you can enjoy the places of interest and indulge in several activities amidst a comfortable climate.

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